WMS Architects were instructed to design the new Agricultural Research Council headquarters in Hatfield Pretoria. The ARC has different research institutes located across the country, with regular conferences being held at the head office, therefore the design includes offices and a big conference facility with break-away rooms for group discussions.


The main auditorium can seat 250 conference attendees and is equipped with the latest electronic technology for auditoriums which includes lap top plug-in by attendees, slide shows, and excellent sound system, translator booths for different languages and commendable acoustics. The seating arrangement around the platform promotes participation by attendees in open discussions.


The boardroom can seat 45 board members and is designed on two levels for a full board meeting or to only use the lower level for the executive committee meetings. The furniture arrangement allows members to have eye contact during meetings and excellent building acoustics allows for good interaction between members. Both the main auditorium and the boardroom are acoustically isolated from all outside noises.